Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More discount and new stock: Deafheaven, Pig Destroyer, Horseback, Menace Ruine, and more

Yes, we won't stop untill our shelves are empty! Our crazy summer sale has ended, but we just priced down all remaining vinyl, cds, merch and dvds in our store. Dirt cheap vinyl, 1 EUR CDs, 2 EUR DVDs and 3 EUR merch.


New in stock / pre-orders:
Deafheaven - Demo - LPPig Destoyer - Book Burner - LPHorseback - Impale Golden Horn - LPMenace Ruine - Alight In Ashes - 2xLPKhoma - All Erodes - LPOcean, THE - The Grand Inquisitor - 10"High on Fire - The Art Of Self Defense - 2xLPFrom Ashes Rise - Rejoice The End - 7"Noothgrush - Live For Nothing - 2xLPPelican - Ataraxia / Taraxis - LPCult Of Luna ‎– Bodies / Recluse - 7"

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
Neurosis - Honor Found in Deacy
Yellow Eyes / Monument - Split
Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
Herder - Horror Vacuii

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Monday, September 10, 2012

End of Summer SALE. 30% discount on vinyl!

Summer has come to an end, that alone would already be a good reason for a sale to ease the pain. But there is more, our girlfriends are both expecting a baby, which means that we're becoming a dad in December. As a result we'll be focussing more on diapers and shit in the near future.
We probably will continue, but on a much smaller scale, only stocking vinyl, mostly US import. We'll keep you posted on that. This all means though, that we want to clear some stock and for this we need your help (to make some space for Chris' babyroom and diaper money for the both of us). Thanks and take care, Tjeerd & Chris

SALE starts NOW:

30% Discount on all vinyl orders above 30 EUR.
All CDs 2 EURO
ALL Shirts 3 EURO
ALL Sweaters 7 EURO
Not enough discount? Visit our 
facebook page to find out how you can earn some extra discount.

Locrian & Christoph Heemann - Collaboration - LPBarghest / False - Split - LPMutilation Rites - Empyrean - LPIdes Of Gemini - Constantinople - LPMagrudergrind - Crusher - 10"Light Bearer / Northless - Split - LPHerder - Herder Is Harder - 7"Antediluvian - Through The Cervix Of Hawaah - 2xLP (Deluxe)Hell/Thou - Resurrection Bay Split - 7"Mutilation Rites - I Am Legion - LPLove Sex Machine - Self Titled - LPCowards - Shooting Blanks And Pills - LPBirds In Row - Collected - LP16 - Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds - LPBaroness‎– First & Second - LPCryptopsy - None So Vile - LPCryptopsy ‎– Blasphemy Made Flesh - LPComity - The Journey Is Over Now - 2xLPClinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire / Nesseria - Split - LP

Bosse de Nage - III
Krallice - Years Past Matter
Ash Borer - Cold of Ages
Antony and the Johnsons - Cut the World
Planks - Funeral Mouth

Garden of Exile Records
...we grow your metal