Thursday, February 10, 2011

New in stock: Ascension - Consolamentum - LP and more

We have received some new vinyl from W.T.C. Productions in the Garden of Exile Store including the brilliant new Ascension LP (released late 2010 thus missing too many year lists. )                                                                       
Here's what Lurker wrote about the exellent release:
"Featuring members of Katharsis, Ascension have reared their heads with this belated release through W.T.C. Productions, Consolamentum represents a five chapter concept album dealing with spiritual journeys and transformation of the human soul through salvation. Listen to this sample – Ascension are the ruling elite transposing Black Metal, transgressing thin orthodoxy and representing the genre as nothing more or less than its complete essence. Long, epic songs weave mammoth riffs against pinpoint dissonance. Truly contender for album of the year, so late on, past all these naive year end lists! Perfect."

Ascension - Consolamentum - LP
Ascension - Fire And Faith - 12” EP
Ascension - With Burning Tongues - LP
Sargeist - Let The Devil In - LP
Glorior Belli - Meet Us at the Southern Sign - LP
Akitsa - Au Crepuscule De L'esperance - LP
Next to this we have pre-ordered Fell Voices - Self Titled 2011 - LP & Fell Voices / Ash Borer - Split - LP and expect to receive these soon.

Teitanblood - Seven Chalices
Petrychor - Dryad
Dispirit - Rehearsel at Oboroten
Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines...
Austere - To lay like old Ashes

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