Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New in stock: Pure hare, pressed on vinyl

Hereby a small update with new vinyl in stock. This time no postrock or positive stuff, but pure hate! One of our personal highlights being the Dragged into the Sunlight - Hatred for Mankind LP! So fuck summer, and crawl back into your caves and pray for winter to arrive soon.

Dragged Into The Sunlight - Hatred For Mankind - LPAnaal Nathrakh - Passion - LPGhost - Opus Eponymous - LPBlood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients - 2xLPElectric Wizard - Dopethrone -  2xLPHate Forest - Purity - LPHate Forest - Scythia - LPHate Forest - Sorrow - LPHate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones - LP

Thou - Summit
Dragged into the Sunlight - Hatred for Mankind
Loss - Despond
Lycus - Demo
Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

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