Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cobalt - Eater of Birds available again in the US

Fallen Empire Records from the US has received some Cobalt - Eater of Birds vinyl in stock for all North American customers. Check out his shop for some briljant EU imports like Dragged into the Sunlight, Gris, Woods of Desolation and many more.

Both Black and limited Black/Yellow can be purchased HERE

Cobalt - Eater of Birds - 2xLP (Yellow/Black)
The sophomore album from Cobalt presented on deluxe 2xLP format. This LP showcases Cobalt's distinctive take on the black metal sound and features over an hour of killer riffs and black metal anthems intermixed with some genuinely disturbing, yet beautiful, acoustic interludes all titled 'Ritual Use of Fire'. Surely a journey that any fan of USBM should take.