Monday, June 25, 2012


Crazy prices for our CDs/DVDs and merchandise and 22.5% off on all vinyl orders above 25 EURO

Why? Simple, because we can! No seriously, we have been thinking, is there any way to save your summer? Holland left the European Soccer Championships through the backdoor, no real hope for the Tour the France or Wimbledon and the only sports we're good at aren't olympic. Add to this that it has been raining since forever and a day. You know us, nice guys as we are, we felt the urge of bringing back a smile and a bit of summer to your lives. 

Of course we could do this by offering you some nice caribbean tunes, but we decided to do things differently this time. We lowered the prices on our CDs/DVDs even more, as well as on our merchandise. 
All CDs: 3,00 EURO
All DVDs 5,00 EURO
All Shirts: 4,50 EURO
All Sweaters: 9,00 EURO

On all vinyl orders above 25 EURO we offer 22.5% off

It's not possible to adjust all this in our store, so please read the instructions on our site carefully. Do not choose paypal or bank transfer, but cash as payment option. We'll contact you with what we have and the total of your order, incl. shipping and payment options.
Note that we both have fulltime jobs besides running our label and distro, so please have some patience. We will contact you about your order, no worries!


New vinyl & pre-orders:
Baroness - Yellow & Green - 2xLP (PRE-ORDER)Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme - LPAltar Of Plagues - White Tomb - LPDeathspell Omega - Drought - LPDeathspell Omega - Boxset - 7x Picture Disc (PRE-ORDER)Conan - Monnos - LPInverloch - Dusk Subside - LPRoyal Thunder - CVI - 2xLPWoods Of Ypres - Woods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light - LPYear Of No Light / Altars of Plagues - Split - LPNokturnal Mortum - Voice Of Steel - 2xLP

Deathspell Omega - Drought
Lustre - Of Strength and Solace
Orchid - Chaos is Me
Pseudogod - Deathwomb Catechesis
Seven Sisters of Sleep - Self Titled

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