Monday, July 2, 2012


Our sale is such a succes that we decided to run it a bit longer! So now you have until Friday 13th 23:59 to place your order!!!  We have spend nights on the attic sorting orders, but still have some last CDs and Merch that we want to say goodbye to.

So what was our sale again?

All vinyl orders above 25 EURO: 22.5% off

All CDs: 3,00 EURO
All DVDs 5,00 EURO
All Shirts: 4,50 EURO
All Sweaters: 9,00 EURO

New vinyl & pre-orders
Nile - At The Gates Of Sethu - 2xLPIhsahn - Eremita - 2xLPWatain - Opus Diaboli - Boxset LPElectric Wizard - Legalize Drugs & Murder - 7"Merrimack - The Acasual Mess - LPJess And The Ancient Ones - Self Titled -Coffinworm - Great Bringer of Night - LPDeathspell Omega - Drought - LPBaroness - Yellow & Green - 2xLP (PRE-ORDER)


Panopticon - Kentucky
Buried Inside - Chronoclast
Fyrnask - Bluostar
Agalloch - Faustian Echoes
Torch Runner - Commited To the Ground

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